The Brain and the Heart

The brain says to the heart, “I’m so far outside of my comfort zone that it hurts.” But the heart answers back, “They’re called growing pains for a reason.”

The brain dismays with, “That’s the umpteenth time I’ve heard ‘no.'” But the heart rallies with, “Then you are one step closer to hearing ‘yes.'”

The brain says to the heart, “I’m not good enough.” But the heart answers back, “Keep trying and someday you will be.”

The brain despairs, “I’m done. I can’t take anymore.” But the heart declares, “Yet, I’m still beating.”

And then the heart waits patiently on the brain until one day, finally, the brain proclaims to the heart, “I will figure out how we can travel the road to success together.”

I am no one. I am everyone. I am thankful that even in failure we can fail forward, and that our victories, no matter how small, are that much sweeter still. So never give up on yourself. Never allow yourself to think you are not able to handle what life throws at you. Trials are what allow us the opportunity to grow into a better version of ourselves. They are not the result of some old man scheming behind a curtain to cause you pain for no reason. They are a blessing in disguise when you can look back and say, “I handled that.” Because chances are, someone else you love will go through the same thing some day, and you will be able to say with confidence, “You will make it through.”


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