Move-It Monday: Battle Rope Challenge

Battle Rope ChallengeMonday. The name itself inspires so much dread without any need of explanation. I’m back to work, wishing I were still at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, holding my brand new nephew.

But then again, I like my job, and I like being productive, so take that, Monday. Then again, by the end of this week, there’s a good chance I’ll be singing a new tune. Off-pitch and loudly, in case other people want to join in but are too self-conscious.

Mondays can be frustrating in themselves, simply because many of us have the weekends off and aren’t ready to surrender to the tortures of first world problems. So if you got a chance to make my homemade battle ropes, why not take out your frustrations with this workout? Then you get to walk around the office Tuesday with monkey arms because you’re arms will be too sore to lift them. Just kidding, you’ll be fine. But, battle ropes are great for a fantastic upper body workout. So here goes:

Battle Rope Challenge:

15-30 seconds Alternating Waves

10 Jump Squats

15-30 seconds Simultaneous Waves

10* Leaping Lunges

15-30 seconds Rope Slams

10 Plank Jacks

When you finish the reps for one move, immediately move on to the next one with as little rest as possible. Do this until you get to the last move. Take a minute to rest if you need it, and then start over again. Do 2-4 circuits. Then congratulate yourself for a job well done!

*Repetitions on each side

For an explanation of each move, look in the Exercise Library!


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