TRX Move-It Monday

TRX Move-It MondayLast week, I showed you how to make your own TRX (otherwise known as suspension trainers). Great. But how do you actually use them?

Honestly, I think the only limit with how you use these is your strength and creativity. You can work out pretty much every part of your body. In fact, you may find that you used more muscles than just the ones you were focusing on because of how the suspension trainers recruit more of your stabilizing muscles. Otherwise, you would lose your balance and either fall or flap your arms like the clueless bird I almost hit on the way to work today to try to avoid a crash landing.

So with that being said, here’s at least a sample workout to get you started. I’ve divided the moves into three supersets, which means that you alternate between the moves. So for the first one, you would do a set of squats, and then do a set of rows. That would be one superset, and then you would start over. This allows the muscles you used on the first move to recover while you perform the second move, but saves time because you’re not just standing around in the gym, staring at a talk show on the TV in the corner that you can’t even hear, since staring at other people might be taken the wrong way.

Do each of these moves 10-12 times. If you’re doing an exercise that uses only one arm or leg at a time (such as a single leg squat), do 10-12 reps on each side. Rest about 30 seconds in between supersets. If you don’t feel like you need to rest, do a harder version of the exercises. Perform each superset 2-3 times.

Here are the moves:

Superset 1:

Single Leg Squats


Superset 2:


Chest Press

Superset 3:

Ham Curls

Plank Leg Abductions

If you would like descriptions of these moves, take a look in the Exercise Library. Have fun!


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