Workout Wednesday

Usually I post on Mondays. Usually. Except when your best friends are getting married and you’re in the wedding.

It was crazy. It was busy. It was beautiful.

Weddings are something to celebrate and enjoy. So when choosing between helping to set up wedding festivities and writing a blog post, I chose the wedding. I would say sorry, but I’m afraid that word would be dripping with so much sarcasm it would fry your screen. Instead, I’ll just say thanks for your patience as I delay my post a few days.

So weddings also come with all kinds of healthy eating habits, right? It’s full of decadent rehearsal dinners, wines, and wedding cake. Did I participate? You bet I did. As I’ve said before, food is something meant to be enjoyed, not feared. Food itself is not evil. It’s up to us to choose what foods are best in order to take care of our bodies. So while I had a great time and enjoyed great food, now it’s time to return back to better eating habits.

Granted, I didn’t completely binge out on all the cheesy, greasy, and sugary foods you can imagine (they ran out before I got there). And I still was able to workout a little while we were on the road and go running. But running can sometimes get boring, right?

So what if we livened it up a little bit? What if we found some way to run and skyrocket our heart rate without having to move mental mountains in order to not quit from brain boredom?

Because I don’t know about you, but if I drew up a pie chart on what types of thoughts were flowing through my brain, about 10% would be deep thoughts, 85% about how I wish I was already done with my run, and 5% on coordination emergencies because I tripped over something on the ground I wasn’t paying attention to (I’m a Class A klutz, remember?).

Enter suicides. But don’t think of the name of this workout as a bad omen for yourself. A suicide is typically a drill where you run back and forth on a single, linear path. So you have a start point that you sprint away from until you get a certain distance, and then you stop and sprint back to where you started. Once you get back to the starting point, you quickly stop and sprint away from it along the same path you used before. Only this time you go a little farther before you turn around and return to the starting point.

If you’re thoroughly confused, think of it as if you’re on a football field. You start at the goal line and sprint to the 10-yard line, then sprint back to the goal line. Then you immediately sprint to the 20-yard line and back. Then you’d go to the 30-yard line without stopping. Once you got back to the goal line, it would be considered one suicide.

That is a traditional suicide, but let’s switch it up a little bit. At each point that you stop to turn around and return to start, lets throw in an exercise just to keep it interesting. You’ll hardly have time to think about the workout you’re getting, and will probably work harder at it too. And this workout can help get you out of a plateau by challenging your body with different moves that stress it in a good way. Plus, this particular workout requires no equipment. You could do it in your backyard if you wanted to.

So here’s the workout:

Sprint 10 yards

5 Burpees

Return to start

Sprint 20 yards

10 Push-ups

Return to start

Sprint 30 yards

20 High Knees

Return to start

You just finished one suicide. Rest one minute and repeat 2-4 times.

*Note: You can change the distance you sprint if you need to. You should find it challenging, but you’re not actually trying to commit suicide. Same for the exercises in between: they aren’t set in stone. And same for the order you complete each distance. You could get the longest one out of the way first and work backwards too. I recommend finding a workout partner for this so you can race and push each other.

If you have any questions, let me know.


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