Working Out On the Road

In this context, when I say, “working out on the road,” I mean when you’re traveling. Not literally ON the road. Although you could do that do if you want…just watch out for cars and such.

I just recently got back from driving to a wedding for an old friend in Kentucky. From Texas. 

Did I ever mention that I have a hard time sitting still? Movie marathons are torture for me. Netflix binges don’t happen. The idea of sitting on my butt all day sounds like torture. So how did 36 hours in a car go? Well…let’s just say dancing to music while driving requires a lot of creativity. And a guaranteed form of entertainment…for everyone else. But I survived!

Working out while traveling requires much more flexibility in your routine and willpower to actually do it. You may not have the equipment, time, or space you usually do, but remember that some activity is better than none. So set an alarm, tell an accountability partner, or just set daily goals for you to get a sweat going.

As for your actual workout, here are a few different options:

  • Run: Find a good spot to hit the pavement and explore the surrounding area. Just remember to be safe. There’s no need to explore dark alleys, especially when you’re by yourself. If you’re in a hotel, they may have a fitness room with treadmills. Personally, I despise treadmills, but I sometimes use them for interval workouts because time goes by faster.
  • Cycle: Those fitness rooms may also have cycling machines. Or if your on vacation, why not see if there is a bike tour available you can go on to explore town?
  • Body weight exercises: you can do these exercises anywhere without equipment. Do them in your hotel room. Go to a playground and do it there. That way you don’t have to go to a gym.
  • Boot camp format: get your heart rate up while doing strength exercises with an all-out effort. Alternate each move with short breaks. Jump squats, jumping jacks, high knees, push-ups, sit ups, planks, jumping lunges, etc. are all good examples you can use.

Have fun!


2 thoughts on “Working Out On the Road

  1. Or…swimming in the hotel pool! Lol well maybe that’s a little more of a goof off fun activity but I still wanted to eat twice the amount I normally do when i got out! Under water dolphin swimming, mermaid jumps, and you can’t forget the underwater handstands to top off the workout.

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    1. Hahahahaha how could I forget! Not to mention Marco Polo, cannonball competitions, and treading water! Although Marco Polo could be a little awkward if you’re by yourself…


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