I’m Graduating!

So usually on Fridays I make a food post. However, this week has been just a little bit hectic, so I’ll have to postpone that. Why? Because I’m graduating, that’s why! After four years at what I consider the greatest university on Earth (Texas A&M) I have finally made it. I’m done! I can hardly believe it. I feel like Just yesterday I was a lost Freshman wandering the vast expanse of campus. And yet, I’ve grown so much in the span of four years. So today I’ll be taking the time to celebrate my time here, and the blessings that have come with it. I’m so thankful for the blessing of opportunity. That I was able to go to college in the first place. That such a source of knowledge was in my reach. That I could spend my time studying and working on my individual goals without having to worry about the people I love being taken care of. I’m blessed that I had food to eat, clothes to wear, places to sleep, books to read, and so much more! I’m thankful for the blessing of relationships. This is a huge one as well. From my loving and supporting family, to my mentors and teachers who inspired me, to the friends I’ve made that shared this journey with me. I could write a book about how much of an impact this had on me, but I’ll just say that people are what make what I do worth it all. I’m thankful for God. I know not everyone shares my beliefs, but that doesn’t make my relationship with Jesus any less spectacular to myself. That faith was what carried me through every trial I faced and gave me the joy to keep my head above water.  So what now? What’s next? Another chapter. We never stop growing in life. We are never too old or young to make an impact, whether big or small. So it’s a good thing I like to read!


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