Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Three cheers for all the moms out there who give it their all 24/7/365! Y’all are so selfless, loving, caring, supportive, amazing, incredible… I could literally go on for days. My mom has put up with quite a bit of crap from me over the years, but she’s always been there for me and I look up to her so much.

Which is why I decided to make a fool of myself attempting to make a parody to Nicki Minaj’s Superbass. I definitely don’t live up to Nicki’s standards, but it made my mom laugh so it was 100% worth it.

So if you didn’t get a chance to wish that motherly figure in your life (mom, grandma, aunt, kind woman who took you in, etc.) a Happy Mother’s Day, there’s nothing that says you can only do so one day of the year. Because honestly they deserve to hear it a lot more.

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