Today is Monday


What just came to your mind when you saw that one word?

My own personal synonyms: struggle, struggle, and struggle. What? I’m a woman of few words (those who know me roll their eyes). But take these for example:

“It’s Monday. I drove the struggle bus to work.”

“I’m doing okay for a Monday.”

“And it’s only MONDAY!”

These are the most common things I hear with the word Monday. Why? Because on Mondays, most of us are back to the grindstone. After a weekend of doing whatever you choose to do (A.K.A. doing the rest of your to-do list you didn’t finish during the week), you are back to a confined schedule, staring at the clock all day like it’s Ryan Gosling (Oh, just me? Okay.) until you’re free to go.

Yes, Mondays are the beginning of the work week. But aren’t beginnings supposed to be exciting? Isn’t a fresh start supposed to be motivating?

What if, instead of thinking of Mondays as the first day back to serving your prison sentence, we thought of Mondays as another chance to kick butt? Another chance to strive for excellence and start the week out strong?

So let’s show the world what we’ve got. Let’s show them that we stepped into the ring with our gloves up and aren’t going down without a fight. Let’s be the best version of ourselves that we can be.

And then before you know it, Mondays become, “I’m doing great. It’s Monday!”

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