Hummus-Crusted Chicken

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Easy Hummus-Crusted ChickenCan I say something that might just blow your mind? K, here goes: I’m a big fan of recipes that are quick, easy, and don’t use up a lot of dishes that you have to clean up later.

I mean, c’mon, if I make a nice dinner, I want to be able to just relax after spending all that time preparing it, not have the threat of unwashed dishes hanging over my head. Ew. And to tell you the truth, there’s something icky about dirty dishes when you’re no longer hungry enough to eat an elephant. Continue reading

Move-It Monday: Battle Rope Challenge

Battle Rope Challenge

Battle Rope ChallengeMonday. The name itself inspires so much dread without any need of explanation. I’m back to work, wishing I were still at my sister and brother-in-law’s house, holding my brand new nephew.

But then again, I like my job, and I like being productive, so take that, Monday. Then again, by the end of this week, there’s a good chance I’ll be singing a new tune. Off-pitch and loudly, in case other people want to join in but are too self-conscious. Continue reading

Mediterranean Quinoa Burgers

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Mediterranean Quinoa BurgersY’all, I have some wonderful news: I’m an aunt! My precious little nephew was born last Saturday, and he’s captured my heart ever since. Luckily I got to take some time off work to go up to see him, since my sister and her husband live about ten hours away if you drive. But they still live in Texas. Yes…Texas is huge.

So I’m up here with my sister holding my little nephew every chance I get. They live in a beautiful neighborhood, so when he’s being fed or being held by someone else, I’ve been running and working out with my homemade suspension trainer.

But, please beware of flat sidewalks. They really are deceiving. I, being my usual graceful self, managed to do a fancy tap number after stubbing my toe while running and just barely had enough time to leap off to the side so I could make my crash landing in the soft grass. Continue reading

DIY Battle Ropes

DIY Battle Ropes

DIY Battle Ropes“Hello, this is the Fire Department.”

“Hi, this is Kasey. This may seem like a weird question, but do y’all have any old, out-of-commission fire hoses?”

Yes, this was a real phone conversation. Yes, it was a weird question. Yes, I ended up with two fire hoses. For free. Continue reading

Healthy Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse


Healthy Chocolate Cinnamon Mousse

Whip it…into shape…it’s not too late…to whip it, whip it good! Are those even the right lyrics? I have this habit of creating my own senseless lyrics to songs I hear that stick in my brain so well that I’m not sure which lyrics are mine or not. Sure, I could look it up, but I’d much rather tell you about this chocolate creation instead.

Yes. I said it: chocolate. It’s my Achilles heel. I couldn’t care less about all the salty chips and fried foods in the world, but if you offer my chocolate, you might just become my new best friend. Continue reading

TRX Move-It Monday

TRX Move-It Monday

TRX Move-It MondayLast week, I showed you how to make your own TRX (otherwise known as suspension trainers). Great. But how do you actually use them?

Honestly, I think the only limit with how you use these is your strength and creativity. You can work out pretty much every part of your body. In fact, you may find that you used more muscles than just the ones you were focusing on because of how the suspension trainers recruit more of your stabilizing muscles. Otherwise, you would lose your balance and either fall or flap your arms like the clueless bird I almost hit on the way to work today to try to avoid a crash landing. Continue reading

Quinoa Pizza Bites

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Quinoa Pizza BitesFriday night is pizza night at my parents’ house. Somehow my family got into the habit when we lived in Germany, right down the street from an Italian-owned pizzeria. Real Italian pizza is probably about 1,395 times better than our Americanized pizza. I can’t even describe it; you just have to try it for yourself.

I love pizza, but I don’t love the way it makes me feel. So that’s when I decided to give these Quinoa Pizza Bites from Fit For Success a try. They are definitely worth it. The protein-packed quinoa fills you up without leaving you feeling like a big grease ball. Plus this recipe is pretty versatile. You can add in your favorite toppings easily. Continue reading